15 Minute Workouts

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The following 15 minute workouts are great for a quick cardiovascular and strength session. And they are also great workout routines for toning.

And the best thing is, they can be so varied that you’ll never do the exact same workout more than once! Keeping things varied maintains your interest, keeps boredom away, and increases the chances of reaching your ultimate fitness goal.

These 15 minute workouts are based on bodyweight workouts and various floor exercises (and dumbbell exercises if you like). And this is where the variation comes from as there are literally hundreds of exercises you can choose from, making them a fantastic home fitness workout.

Ensure No Two Workout Routines Are The Same

As I mentioned above, it’s good to keep things varied for your own interest. But it’s also good from your fitness point of view. If you do the same workout day after day, week after week, your body will become used to the workload and you’ll fall into a fitness rut. You’ll stop making gains and you’ll find it difficult to achieve your ultimate goal.

So how do you keep it varied?

On a piece of paper, make a list of 20 to 30 exercises that you can do in your own living room, garage, basement, or anywhere you want to perform your workout routines. Make them bodyweight exercises where you can. A few examples: press-ups, crunches, burpees, squat-thrusts, leg raises, chair dips, step ups, and so on . . .

Cut each exercise out, fold the paper, and drop into a bowl.

Then, 1 by 1, pick 15 exercises from your bowl, jotting them down in the order they appear.

These will be the 15 exercise you perform, and the order you pick them will be the order you perform them. This will make up your 15 minute workout.

Everytime you want to do this workout routine, repeat this procedure. The chances of you pulling out an identical body weight workout the next time round is 1.3 Million Million to one!

Instructions for the 15 Minute Training Session

As always, start off with a thorough warm up.

Then, set your stop watch to bleep at 1 minute intervals, or keep your eye on the clock.

Start the clock and begin your 15 minute workout with the first exercise on your list. (Remember that this is an aerobic workout, so you don’t want to perform your exercises to muscle failure.)

Lets say the first exercise on your list is press-ups. Perform 10 to 20 repetitions only, depending on your strength and fitness levels. Then jump up and jog on the spot for the remainder of the minute. This could be 30 seconds or more.

Then, when your watch bleeps to signify the second minute of the session, begin the second exercise on the list. Once complete, again jump up and jog on the spot for the remainder of the minute.

Repeat this procedure until you have performed all 15 exercises.

Over time, when you become stronger and fitter, you can make these workouts even harder by performing more repetitions and running on the spot more vigorously. The higher you lift your knees during the jogging phases, the more tiring it is!

If you want to progress even further, then you can turn your 15 minute workout into a 20 minute workout or more. Just add more bodyweight exercises or dumbbell exercises or just go back to the beginning of the circuit and start over.

August 16, 2017