Best Blender for Smoothies with Frozen Fruit

Time usually flies by and while Christmas is approaching, summer will be on the horizon so quickly that we’ll be left wondering how did the time go by so quickly? And when warm weather approaches, you know what that means? That’s right, it’s frozen smoothies time. Even though it’s very cold outside right now, I can’t help but get excited about warm weather and smoothies. There’s a reason for speaking about it at this time. You see, in order to make the silkiest of smoothies with frozen fruit, you’ll probably need the best blender for smoothies. And considering the holiday sales are out in full force at this time, why not plan ahead and grab yourself a bargain blender? It’s always a good idea to plan ahead!

We all want high quality blenders for the best price and this might be the only time to get it. But, you don’t need to spend too much money to get a good quality blender because there are tons of impressive products available at an affordable price. I just want to go through some of these products that you can look out for. On top of this, there are tons of useful guides you can look at. For example, if you’re looking for the best blender for smoothies under $200, then this article might be a good read. But personally, the best high-quality and durable model I’ve ever used is the Oster Versa. It’s usually fairly costly but it’s available for around 175 bucks at this moment in time. I’ve also used some models that are more expensive. I’ve found these to perform very well but I just don’t see the value in buying a blender for 500 to 600 dollars. I’m quickly going to go through some of the models that I’ve tried.

Oster Versa – 5/5

I’ve already mentioned how I think this is the best smoothie blender that I’ve ever used. This is due to the combination of price and performance. I don’t think there are many other products that provide as much value for money as this one. It certainly competes well with the premium BlendTec and Vitamix blenders. I’ve always found the smoothies to be very fine in texture as this pulverizes the ingredients very powerfully. The size is quite compact so you should find it convenient to move this around and store it in the kitchen. Additionally, it has a very user-friendly interface that will allow us to use this without experiencing any problems. The build quality of the Oster Versa is another highly impressive feature. Another jaw-dropping advantage is that of the inclusion of a 7-year warranty, something that you don’t see very often with electrical appliances.

BlendTec Designer 675 – 4/5

Don’t get me wrong, the BlendTec Designer 675 is probably the best smoothie blender around. Certainly when it comes to making smoothies, it performs brilliantly well though it’s probably not as versatile as the Versa at making other things like dips and sauces. One thing is for sure, the smoothies will be so smooth in texture that you’ll probably only be able to get a similar drink in a restaurant or a proper smoothie bar. As I’ve said already, the performance side of things is superb but this will only be suitable for someone who doesn’t mind spending over the top. I personally didn’t appreciate how expensive this was.

Breville Boss – 3/5

The Breville Boss is a very good blender for smoothies, but it is quite expensive.The Breville Boss is another supposedly high quality blender that I’ve tried. But, I wasn’t a big fan of this. It can cost up to 600 dollars though I did get it on sale for around 400 bucks. Even at 400 dollars, I think it’s very expensive especially after I compared it with the Oster Versa. To be honest, it performed at a similar level of the Versa despite costing almost four times more. That’s why there’s no point in even speaking about it any more.

As you can see, just because a blender costs a lot of money doesn’t mean that it will be the best blender for smoothies. I prefer my Oster Versa every time despite having tried premium blenders in the past. Even if you can’t afford the Versa, I would still tell you to do your research to find a good quality inexpensive blender as making smoothies can change your lifestyle!

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