I Started Eating Salmon to Improve My Health and Lost 5 Pounds in 10 Days

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I started eating salmon quite regularly about a month ago.

I used to eat it only occasionally; a bit of smoked salmon with eggs, a salmon fillet at a nice restaurant or some good old canned salmon on toast.  But it was like once a month so I never realized the positive effect salmon can have on your system especially if you are trying to lose weight.

The reason I started eating more salmon was to test out a theory.  I have inflammatory bowel disease (also known as ulcerative colitis) which is a nasty chronic illness which causes my bowel walls to become inflamed and super angry. I’m pretty good at controlling it through diet and stress management but recently it kept flaring up. Nothing I did seemed to calm it down. So I decided to do a little research on the internet to see if there were any anti-inflammatory diets for this condition. No luck there.  But I found a whole bunch of foods that are good for arthritis which is another inflammatory illness so I decided to give it a go.

Top of the list of anti-inflammatory foods was salmon. So I started to eat it every day and low and behold I was able to go to the bathroom again! Yay! But as I ate more and more I began to notice another side effect….

I was getting thinner…. Really quickly!

Before I started eating the salmon I had hit a plateau in my weight loss but within 10 days I had dropped 5 pounds without changing my normal routine in any other way. But the scales only told half the story, I also lost like 2 inches from my waist which was really noticeable.  The regulars at the gym starting complimenting me on how slim I look and asking how I was getting so lean so fast.

My skin even improved, pimple prone areas on my face have cleared up and the dry tough areas of my body (like my knees and elbows) have softened.  My hair has been nicer too but I don’t know if I can credit that to the salmon because I did change my shampoo brand around the same time.

Salmon seems to be transforming me so I’m going to keep eating it but I’ll also be looking into the science behind why it helps with weight loss, inflammatory bowel disease and complexion so I’ll keep you all posted on what I find out.

Has anyone else had similar results with eating salmon?

August 20, 2017