Phen24 Reviews: Ingredients of Phen24

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Phen24 incorporates the main function of Phentermine medicine, i.e. appetite suppressant. In addition, it includes the power to burn fat. This make Phen24 one of the most powerful product in the weight loss industry. Its ability to suppress appetite, dissolves stored body fat, and boost metabolism to burn fat; comes from the ingredients in the pills.

Phen24 pills

Ingredients of Phen24

Phen24 is made using a special formulation of ingredients:

Calcium (Carbonate) 36% Grain – A plant based chemical compound commonly used medicinally to treat calcium deficiency or as a substance to relieve stomach acidity such as heartburn, acid indigestion, and upset stomach.
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Chromium (Pikolinate) 12% – A synthesized substance used as nutritional supplement to increase metabolism to boost energy, which eventually leads to weight loss.

L-carnitine (L-Tartrate) 68% – It is the supplement form of carnitine, a substance that helps to increase energy production.

Citrus Aurantium 10% TRIT – It is a mixture of pomelo and mandarin. It can induce the improvements in mental and physical functions. It can also help to reduce appetite and food consumption.

Caffeine Powder Anhydrous – A very potent dried-powdered form caffeine, which the body may absorb more easily.

Cayenne (Capsicum) 10M HU/G – Capsicum is the most commonly cultivated varieties of Cayenne. It is a chilli pepper, also a natural fat burner.

Produced in FDA registered labs, all these substances are of pharmacy grade and are made following strictly to the requirements and standards as set forth by the authorities, to ensure their effectiveness as well as safeness.

How do these ingredients help in weight loss?

Let’s find out how these ingredients contained in Phen24 pills can help you to lose weight.

Calcium (Carbonate) – Calcium helps to breakdown stored body fat and its conversion into energy.

Chromium (Pikolinate) – Chromium controls your blood sugar levels as well as the storage and breakdown of carbohydrate. It is also responsible for the many aspects of metabolism involving fat, protein and calories; and transporting blood glucose into cells to be converted into energy.

L-carnitine (L-Tartrate) – L-carnitine facilitates the release of stored body fat into the bloodstream for energy, making your body burn fat easier. It works to help the transportation of fatty acids from the cytoplasmic matrix into the membrane-enclosed mitochondria during the breakdown of lipids (fat) for the generation of metabolic energy.

Citrus Aurantium – Usually referred to as bitter orange, it increases your body’s metabolic rate and its ability to burn calories. The active compound in citrus aurantium – synephrine, also works to reduce appetite. The boosts in metabolism coupled with lowered appetite stimulate fat loss.

Caffeine Powder Anhydrous – Caffeine interacts with the sympathetic nervous system to release epinephrine and norepinephrine, to stimulate metabolic rate. Caffeine also blocks adenosine and phosphodiesterase from counteracting with adrenaline and noradrenaline, for them to work properly to increase metabolism and oxidize (burn) the stored body fat.

Cayenne (Capsicum) – Cayenne contains high amounts of capsaicin. This capsaicin helps your body to effortlessly absorb the other ingredients of Phen24, boosts their effects by motivating certain receptors to increase blood flow in smaller blood vessels. This leads to the effective distribution of active ingredients throughout the body. It also increases your body’s temperature, making it burn more calories (thus eliminating the body fat accumulation). Research studies also suggest that cayenne pepper may support a healthy energy balance while suppressing appetite.

The effects of Phen24 ingredients

If you noticed, Phen24 contains very powerful substances such as Caffeine Anhydrous that really induce and boost metabolism, and L-carnitine (L-Tartrate) to help breakdown stored body fat for energy. On top of these, it also has Citrus Aurantium to help curb appetite. The effects of all these processes are marvellous when you use up more calories than what you take in, you’ll definitely lose weight. The results are even more prominent when you have strong substances such as the Phen24 ingredients to help enhance the fat burning and appetite suppressing functions.

September 21, 2017