The Best 5 High Impact, Fast Workouts

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High Impact workouts often refer to exercises which involve both your feet leaving the ground at the same time. They include less person-to-person contact and unlike many of the common low impact workouts that a lot of people are used to, high impact workouts often tend to have greater intensity.

The overall intense nature of high impact workouts therefore requires participants who can maintain high energy levels for a considerable period of time. It is also important that you consult a doctor before engaging in any high impact fast workouts so that your health condition can be ascertained, just to make sure that you are in perfect shape for such exercises.

There are many incredible benefits one can reap out of high impact fast workouts. For intance, high impact workouts can enable a person to burn more calories compared to low impact exercises. As a result if you are looking for a faster method of losing weight, then you might want to consider high impact exercises. What’s more, high impact workouts are an ideal option for people who would like to develop stronger more dense bones.

The top 5 high impact fast workouts which you can take on include:

i.            Running or Jogging

Running is one of the best high impact workouts. Not only will you find running a great option to go for when intending to lose weight but it is also the perfect exercise if you just generally want to be healthier because it works out your entire body. The versatility of running is equally something that makes it lovable to many people because you can engage in running outdoors or indoors through a treadmill if you so wish.

However before you start running, you must take time to find the right running shoes first. Your feet will need good cushioning to prevent unnecessary injuries so not just any shoes can be good for running

ii.            Jumping or Skipping

Jumping exercises and routines are also high impact workouts which you can engage in. Jumping exercises can include anything from hopping to skipping a rope as long as it is done in successive motions.

But just like running, you will want to see to it that you have well cushioned shoes before you begin jumping workouts. Due to the high intensity of these exercises, they are good for fast burning of calories in the body and bone strengthening as well.   

iii.            Fast Sports

Fast sporting games such as football, hockey, basketball and volleyball are all forms of high impact workouts. If you love sports, perhaps the easiest way for you to get involved in some kind of high impact workout will be to choose any one of these sports games.

Keep in mind though that because of the fast and intense nature of such sporting games, it pays to only play the game when you have fully worn the necessary gear.

iv.            Step Aerobics Some step aerobics involve high impact exercises. Although if you would like to sign up for an aerobic class or buy a video of the same, and would solely want to focus on high impact exercises, you need to inquire the kind of workouts that will be practiced in advance.

This is important because some step aerobics are low impact therefore you shouldn’t assume that all earobics workouts are high impact.

v.            Gymnastics

Most gymnastics maneuvers can easily pass as high impact workouts. Albeit as far as gymnastics are concerned, you will really need to make sure that you have a high level of body flexibility before choosing it as the type of high impact workout you are going to frequently engage in.

Despite the fact that high impact fast workouts come with a lot of boons, you should always avoid excessive training. Over-training puts too much pressure on your muscles which not only results to high risks of injury but also may have crippling repercussions as you get older.

Experts normally advice that one should engage in high impact exercises for no more than a total of 90 minutes a week. On top of that, it is advisable that you regularly alternate high and low impact workouts in order to benefit from the advantages of both and minimize the chances of being affected by their respective disadvantages.

September 1, 2017