Turbulence Training Review

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Hearing the word turbulence would probably make you wonder what type of training Craig Ballantyne has prepared for his readers in this book.

Will it be chaotic and turbulent, will the training be so extensive, will I be able to cope up these are some of the questions that may pop up in your mind just by looking at the cover.

But once you start reading through the book, you will discover that the training is well organized and efficient as they are specifically designed for people who dont have the luxury of time but would like to get the most results.

These trainings are scientifically proven and you will get to know the science behind the training so that you understand their effectiveness.

About the Author

One of the most well-respected fitness experts in the industry, Craig Ballantynes work is read by thousands of subscribers of Mens Health and Mens Fitness magazines among others.

As a certified strength and conditioning specialist, Craig knows his stuff and thousands of people pay close attention and follow his effective workout and nutrition advice.

With several years of experience in health and fitness in his track record, this book is a culmination and repository of that accumulated knowledge that has worked for thousands of men and women.

Turbulence Training Details

The book is a definitive guide to body fat burning, effective weight loss methods, and practical muscle building techniques that combines strength training and interval training to get the maximum impact.

The program is segmented into carefully planned modules, each one categorized and broken down to different levels.

The modules start from the beginner levels, taking it all the way through the intermediate and advanced training routines.

The sessions can be done in 20 minutes which is ideal for people on the go.

On top of that, Craig also includes resources to improve a persons eating regimen through the optimum intake of food and nutrition, particularly for people who are constantly on the move.

These resources can help the person control his eating habits and speed up his weight loss program.


The term turbulence is probably derived from the way a person can get effective results from the program in a relatively lesser time than most workouts.

1. These exercises does not require any sophisticated equipment and can be done anywhere outside the gym at anytime of the day.

2. The program works for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts and you can burn their fat, build your strength and have great looking muscles.

3. The workouts can be challenging but people will not easily lose interest since they are fun to do with a lot of options to take.

4. The printable workout charts can be a great guide as well and help people keep accurate records of their progress.


1. Although the overall program is good, it can still be improved by adding a more comprehensive section on diet and nutrition.

2. Sample meal plans would be a great addition so people do not have to play around and develop their own set of meals.


If you really want to trim down your body fat and achieve an awesome figure just like Craigs, then this book is worth looking into.

It dispels some of the wrong notions about exercises and provides an effective program that combines the important elements of body weight exercises, strength training routines, and interval training so you can get the maximum mileage in removing fat, build lean muscles and lose weight all in the comfort of your own home.

August 20, 2017